About CBD Edge

"The CBD EDGE brand is not founded on making money. It is founded on the goal of giving people relief struggling with pain like I was" - Harley Carrara

How CBD EDGE came about:

I started skateboarding and riding dirt bikes at the age of 6 and kept on doing so for the majority of my adult life. In my late teens I went on to start and own a skateboard/snowboard retail store. Needless to say, most of my life has been spent crashing, slamming and being rough on my body. I’ve had many injuries over the years. Some more serious than others. In my older age the aches and pains of these injuries had grown to the point I could no longer do some of my favorite sports such skateboarding, snowboarding, or riding dirt bikes. 

I had serious back and shoulder issues I was not aware of from previous accidents. It got to the point where the pain was so constant and debilitating that I was unable to function on a daily basis and many easy tasks became very difficult. I was only able to work and do physical tasks for about 2 hours a day. My outlook on life was bleak and I fell into a deep depression for 3 years sometimes never leaving my bed. I went to many doctors and physical therapists with no results and no relief. I could not escape the chronic pain and drugs and painkillers were not a choice for me. I definitely did not want to go down that path as I had seen the effects of what they can do to a healthy person. After a long search I found a great doctor who sent me to an incredible physical therapist. We then worked together to figure out what the issue was. A torn rotator cuff was the culprit of all of my shoulder and back pain. Apparently there was a recent tear in the infraspinatus muscle, but I had torn my rotator cuff multiple times before (which I was unaware of) and had built up scar tissue. My shoulder was a mess, so bad I could not raise my arm over my head or lift a 2 pound weight. The doctor thought it was best not to perform surgery and ordered me to physical therapy. The shoulder had literally pulled my body out of alignment over the years. 

Regardless of the diagnosis and therapy to correct the issues the pain was still there.The only relief I would get was getting 16-18 trigger point injections in my back and shoulder which would last about 3 weeks. Knowing these injections were not good for my health I started looking for alternatives for pain. At that time I did not know much about CBD nor the benefits of it for pain. My wife did a bunch of research and I tried some CBD products that were supposed to help with pain. None were really successful, then my life long friend Jimi (also skateboarder and BMXer) said he had found a manufacturer who made an all organic CBD product that was so incredible that he started working for the company. He sent me samples and I could not believe it. I finally had relief from the pain! I was so impressed I contacted the manufacturer  to see if they would private label the cream. They agreed, and here we are today. 

The CBD EDGE brand is not founded on making money. It is founded on the goal of giving people relief struggling with pain like I was. My background is action sports and we are marketing it to the action sports world. However, that does not limit our audience of loyal fans who swear by the product to just athletes, it includes motocrossers to moms and even grandma and grandpas.


Harley Carrara