Frequently Asked Questions about CBD Edge


Is the product made in America?

Yes, the product is manufactured in the northwest region of the U.S.

Are your ingredients organic?

Yes. Our ingredients come from the highest quality organic origins here in the U.S.

Will the cream cause any psychoactive effects? 

No. Although our CBD is derived from marijuana, there is little to no THC in the cream; does not exceed .3%.

How long has it been manufactured?

The manufacturer has been in production for over 12 years.

Is it non-toxic? 

Our cream is non-toxic and safe to use on skin. We suggest not ingesting it or getting it in your eyes or nose as the natural menthol may sting a bit, but will not cause any real problems. 

How much cream should I use per application?

There are roughly 28 applications per ounce of cream. We suggest starting with a fingertip of cream in the area of soreness or discomfort and apply more as needed.

Will the cream work on pinched nerves?

The cream is a topical cream that does penetrate in the muscles and joints, but usually does not reach the deep tissue or nerves in the body.

How long does one application last?

We have found that it all depends on the person and their biological makeup. Everyone is different so results may vary, but the pain relief on average lasts approximately  5-6 hours. 

Is this product vegan?

No, it’s not vegan.

Is the product cruelty-free?

Yes, the product is cruelty-free nor is it tested on animals.